Our Code: 18652

Satin SIBA Sheets - 4-Way Top Draw Sheet

Our Code: 18652

The Satin SIBA 4-way top draw sheet helps with patient turning and transfers. The sheet fits easily under the patient without the need to remove them from the bed. Once fitted the sheet has excess fabric which is used by a care provider to move patients safely from side to side or reposition them.

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About the Satin SIBA Sheets - 4-Way Top Draw Sheet

Need assistance moving and transferring a patient? The Satin SIBA 4-way Top Draw Sheet allows a single care provider to carefully and safely assist someone turning in their bed.

Ideal for a care home or medical environment the sheet is available in a wide range of sizes to guarantee the right fit for each bed. Once on the bed the sheet covers patients from shoulder to hip hight, with plenty of excess fabric at each side.

The extra fabric can be used to move patients safely from side to side or roll up the sheet to reposition them. When not in use the excess can be tucked securely into the side of the mattress to prevent unwanted movements. The tight tuck combined with the soft fabric helps reduce creases which could cause pressure sores to develop if laid on for an extended period.

Made from high quality fabric the sheet is simple and easy to fit without removing the patient from the bed. The cotton and polyester blend can be rewashed multiple times up to 90oc, perfect for good hygiene practices. Additionally, the sheet can be left underneath the patient at all times, in order to reduce unnecessary movement.

For best results use in conjunction with a satin base, the combination of satin on satin allows the sheets to glide over each other and makes movements easy and simple. Available with or without handles, to assist with patient transfers. Conveniently the sheet is compatible with all hoists.

  • Easy to fit
  • Comfortable
  • Multi directional movement
  • Assists patient transfer
  • Optional handles
  • Less creases
  • Washable
  • Compatible with profiling beds

For more information please read the product specification.

Satin SIBA Sheets - 4-Way Top Draw Sheet Specification

  Midi Draw sheet Maxi Draw Sheet   Maxi extra length
 Length 2000 mm (79") 2000 mm (79") 1400 mm (55")
Width 1400 mm (55") 2000 mm (79") 2500 mm (98")


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