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Hospital Direct offer a range of products and solutions that aid in moving and transferring that carers can utilise to handle the people in their care safely, with less effort and with better comfort and dignity to the patient.

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    Car Slide Sheet

    The Car Slide Sheet has been designed to help you swivel in and out of a car. Just tuck it between the back and base of the seat to help secure it.

    £16.88 ex VAT
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    Car Assist Pack

    The Car Assist Pack is a great product for someone who has the ability to get in and out of a vehicle independently but requires a little help. The pack features a Car Slide, Handy Bar, L...

    £111.67 ex VAT
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    Deluxe Leg Lifter

    This Leg Lifter will make a big difference if you need help raising your feet in and out of bed or a vehicle. Just drop the lifter under your feet and then using the ladder-like handles a...

    was £35.00
    £19.17 ex VAT
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    Washable Tubular Slide Sheets

    These Washable Slide Sheets are very useful when either moving a patient on or off a bed, for turning a patient and as an aid to sitting the patient up in bed.

    £14.58 ex VAT
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    Samarit Transfer Boards

    Transfer Boards are used to bridge the gap between two sitting surfaces eg bed to chair, chair to commode and wheelchair to car, and allow a person to transfer between the two. They are l...

    £87.50 ex VAT
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    Glide and Lock Sheets

    These Glide and Lock sheets help you to sit further back in a chair or wheelchair or further up in bed and they prevent you from slipping back down due to the integral locking mechanism. ...

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    £35.00 ex VAT
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    Non-Slip Chair Pad

    This non-slip chair pad helps you to sit more securely without slipping. It is soft, breathable and very low profile. Simply place it on top of your chair surface.

    was £31.90
    £17.42 ex VAT
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    Anti-Slip Foot Pad

    Suitable for use on the floor or in bed, this Anti-Slip Foot Pad is designed as a safety aid that helps to prevent slipping. It can be used to stand on when sitting or rising from a chair...

    from £36.80
    £19.92 ex VAT
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    Webbing Bed Ladder

    This multi-coloured Webbing Bed Ladder is a great product that is both easy to attach and to use. It helps people either sit up or lie down independently and in a controlled manner. Avail...

    from £27.00
    £12.42 ex VAT
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