Our Code: 17041  /  MPNSS/10700

Shake ‘n’ Wake Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Our Code: 17041  /  MPNSS/10700

The Shake n’ Wake alarm clock can help to rouse even the heaviest of sleepers. The clock features an adjustable extra loud alarm, a vibrating pad that fits underneath the users pillow and a bright flashing light that can be switched off if not required. Additionally, the large display of the clock is designed to aid those with poor eyesight even in the dark.

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About the Shake ‘n’ Wake Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Fed up with sleeping through your alarm and being late to work or important events? The Shake n’ Wake alarm clock is virtually impossible to doze through even for the heaviest sleeper.

The alarm clock has multiple methods to waking up the user. Firstly, a bright and attention-grabbing flashing light that mimics daylight to send signals to the brain that it is time to awake. The light can be easily switched off if no longer required.

Secondly, it features a vibrating pad that can be flawlessly placed underneath your pillow without disturbing your sleep. When the alarm goes off the pad will begin to vibrate to gently shake the user awake.

Finally, the alarm clock has an adjustable audio tone that can be set to ‘extra loud’ to ensure an unmissable alert.

Additionally, the clock also features a large display face to help those with poor eyesight see the time during the night and a USB plug socket to allow the user to charge their phone while sleeping.

  • Flashing light
  • Vibrating pad
  • Extra loud adjustable alarm tone
  • USB plug for charging phone
  • Large display face

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