Our Code: 17066  /  MPN230-450

Sonumaxx 2.4 Headset System

Our Code: 17066  /  MPN230-450

The Sonumaxx 2.4 Headset System provides high-quality audio directly into the user’s ears. The device features adjustable volume up to 120bB while also reducing background noise. The device can provide audio from sources such as TV or MP3 via a cable connection with the transmitter. Additionally, the receiver has a built-in microphone that can pick up on conversation and noises within the room.

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About the Sonumaxx 2.4 Headset System

Join in with conversations with confidence! The Sonumaxx 2.4 Headset System provides unbeatable sound quality that eliminates background noise giving you back superior hearing and the ability to listen chat with ease.

The Sonumaxx is ideal for those who cannot wear traditional hearing aids. Featuring adjustable volume controls that allows the user to increase the volume up to 120 dB depending on their induvial needs.

The cleverly designed system permits the user to switch the incoming format of sound. The Transmitter can be connected to the desired audio source such as TV or MP3 via one easy to attach cable, this can be done without any specialised knowledge. Once connected the user will be able to get exceptionally clear audio that they can adjust depending on their needs. No matter the sound it will be reproduced into exceptionally clear audio.

The receiver has a built-in microphone that reproduces audio perfectly, allowing the user to hear noises around the room including conversations. The receiver fits comfortably under the chin and has adjustable earbuds that forces sound straight into the users’ ears. The sleek and stylish design proves to be a discreet solution for anyone worried about standing out. The receiver can additionally be used as a pocket receiver.

The device is easy to charge, as the transmitter doubles as a docking station and storage while recharging the receivers’ batteries.  Once fully charged the battery can last from six to eight hours, however two batteries are also included to ensure the device is never without power when needed the most.

  • High quality audio
  • Adjustable volume up to 120 dB
  • Easy to use
  • Allows audio from a multitude of sources
  • In built microphone

For more information please read the product specification.

Sonumaxx 2.4 Headset System Specification

 Base length 125 mm (5")
Base width 40 mm (1½")
 Receiver length 225 mm (9")
Receiver height 125 mm (5")
Receiver depth 25 mm (1")
Receiver weight 66 g


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