Our Code: 17060  /  MPNHA0965/HA0970

The Leg Up Leg Lifter

Our Code: 17060  /  MPNHA0965/HA0970

The Helping Hand Leg Up Leg Lifter allows a patient to independently move their leg without tugging at clothing. The lifter easily loops around the foot even if wearing a protective boot, once secure the ridged strap allows compete control of how high to lift the leg and in what direction. Ideal for those recovering from surgery or with joint issues.

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Give yourself a leg up, literally, with the Helping Hand Leg Up Leg Lifter. Whether recovering from surgery or suffering from joint and muscle pain the leg lifter allows the patient more independence and quality of life.

The easy-to-use aid simply loops around the foot, even if wearing protective boots or a foot cast. Once securely looped the leg stap remains tight and ridged and is sensitive to the slightest movement to allow for complete control with very little effort required.

Once the leg has been elevated it allows the patient more mobility, such as getting into or out of bed, sitting in the car or bathing, the Leg Lifter allows tasks that would have been hard or required assistance to be done easily, independently, and most of all pain free.

The leg lifter is made from polypropylene material that is easy to clean in line with good hygiene policies. Inside is padded to maximise comfort for both the foot and the hand.

Available in both yellow and black.

For more information please read the product specification.

Product Specification

Length 650 mm (26")
Loop width 140 mm (6")
  • Extra wide loop
  • Allows for unassisted movement of the leg
  • Rigid leg strap
  • Easy to clean


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