Our Code: 17088  /  MPNCUS0940001

Transflo Cushion Bari

Our Code: 17088  /  MPNCUS0940001

The Transflo Cushion Bari is ideal for those a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers. The unique design uses both foam and silicone gel to contour to the shape of the body while also redistributing weight over a wide surface area to prevent a build-up of pressure.

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About the Transflo Cushion Bari

Turn any seat into your favourite comfy chair with the Transflo Cushion Bari, the unique design contours to the shape of your body and redistributes weight to reduce pressure. The cushion is ideal for those at a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

The cushion uses a unique combination of high-quality foam and silicone gel that is able to move and react to applied pressure to contour exactly to the body’s shape and position. The pressure is then spread and redistributed over a wide surface area to allow the user to sit comfortably and without tension. The innovative design also promotes good posture and a neutral pelvic tilt that can aid in preventing further damage.

The silicone gel is multifunctional, it can also act as a cooling agent and when it comes into contact with the skin it can reduce the surface temperature to reduce pain caused by pressure ulcers.

The cushion itself is easy to move and transport and can fit on a wide variety of chairs. The cushion additionally has a multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover that is easy to clean in line with good hygiene standards.

  • Redistributes pressure
  • Contours to user’s shape
  • Aids patient transfer
  • Easy to clean

For more information please read the product specification.

Transflo Cushion Bari Specification

 Product length 914 mm (36")
 Product depth 89 mm (3½")
Total weight 2.5 kg
Maximum user weight 203 kg (32 stone)

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