Our Code: 17087  /  MPNPC21/28/W21/W28-3

Ultralight Combi Channel Ramps

Our Code: 17087  /  MPNPC21/28/W21/W28-3

The Ultralight-Combi is a lightweight ramp ideal for going up and over PVC thresholds. The ramp is fully adjustable, and each half can be altered individually.Available in different width and height options.

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About the Ultralight Combi Channel Ramps

Ultralight-Combi is an incredible versatile lightweight ramp perfect for converting any threshold into a wheelchair accessible entrance.

The ramp can be used as a straight path to the doorway or folded over the threshold as a bridge for increased clearance for scooters and wheelchairs especially with unequal sides. Additionally, the ramp is excellent for cross slopes as each half can be adjusted and set to different lengths.

Made from high quality materials the ramp is extremely lightweight perfect for being transported, and capable of withstanding a large amount of weight.

The long bevel sides prevent wheels slipping from the ramp and coupled with low kerbs the Ultralight-Combi is easy and safe for users.

Available in an extra wide option for larger mobility device, and different height options to guarantee the perfect fit.

  • Lightweight
  • Bevelled sides
  • Fully adjustable
  • Available in different width and height options

For more information please read the product specification.

Ultralight Combi Channel Ramps Specification

 Maximum length 2070 mm (81") 2760 mm (108")      2100 mm (83")         3000 mm (118")           
 Width 190 mm (7") 190mm (7") 250 mm (10") 250 mm (10")
Total weight 6½ kg 8½ kg 8 kg 11½ kg
Maximum capacity 300 kg (47 stone) 250 kg (39 stone) 300 kg (47 stone) 250 kg (39 stone)

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