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Ramp experts, Enable Access are a market leading manufacturer of mobility access and evacuation products. Manage At Home offer a wide range of Enable Access ramps.

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    Aerolight Broadfold Premium Scooter Ramp

    The Aerolight Broadfold is a great scooter ramp solution for cars, taxis and minibuses. It is the highest capacity scooter ramp available taking up to 350 kg (55 stone) in weight.

    £566.67 ex VAT
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    Aerolight Classic Premium Non-Folding Ramp

    The Aerolight Classic is a premium non-folding ramp that is available in shorter lengths where the convenience of a folding ramp may not be needed.

    £237.50 ex VAT
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    Aerolight Xtra Premium Folding Suitcase Ramp

    The New Aerolight Xtra is a premium folding suitcase ramp that is very lightweight. Folds and clips together for convenient, compact storage.

    £254.17 ex VAT
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    Rollout Trackway

    The Rollout Trackway is a pathway access solution for scooters and wheelchairs crossing soft ground and gravel. Can be easily cleaned, rolled up and stored.

    £175.00 ex VAT
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    Giant Half Step

    The Giant Half Step is perfect for use when a ramp is not required or practical. Available in two huge sizes.

    £245.83 ex VAT
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    Budget Telescopic Channel Ramp

    The Telescopic Budget Channel Ramp is relatively lightweight and easy to attach and features a non-slip surface. A great portable solution for wheelchairs when negotiating thresholds, ker...

    £129.17 ex VAT
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    Aerolight Up & Over Ramp Kit

    The Aero-light Up&Over Ramp Kit is a combination of the Aerolight-Xtra (product code 13202) and the Doorline-Multi Ramp (product code 13283) and provides an easy portable ramp solution ri...

    £591.67 ex VAT
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    Doorline-Multi Threshold Ramp

    The Doorline-Multi Threshold Ramp is the ultimate portable solution for uPVC door thresholds. It is lightweight features a special lip with a rubber grip that rests securely on the thresh...

    £233.33 ex VAT
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    Aerolight Lifestyle Premium Multi-Folding Ramp

    The Aerolight Lifestyle Premium Multi-Fold Scooter Ramp splits into two halves making it very light to carry and easy to store in the boot of your car. It is incredibly strong with a high...

    £654.17 ex VAT
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    Budget Folding Suitcase Ramp

    These budget folding suitcase ramps provide a wide non-slip surface suitable for use with wheelchairs and scooters. They simply fold in half to allow for easy storage and transportation a...

    £87.50 ex VAT
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    Permaramp-Original External Ramp

    The Permaramp-Original is a semi-permanent relocatable ramp that features a special Gripdeck™ surface for superb grip even when wet. It is fast and simple to install and it can be fixed a...

    £320.83 ex VAT
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    Permaramp-Adjust External Ramp

    The Permaramp-Adjust is ideal for use with fragile PVC thresholds where the ramp cannot be fixed or rest on the threshold. It is totally adjustable and self-supporting and features a uniq...

    £516.67 ex VAT
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