Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week

This week we have reduced a number of items for Dementia Action Week. To see how you can support Dementia Action Week, visit

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    Simple Music Player

    The Simple Music Player is easy to operate and has been specifically designed for people living with Dementia. Simply lift the lid to start playing music. Music can have very beneficial e...

    £104.17 ex VAT
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    Talking Photo Album

    Talking Photo Albums can be used to support and create an environment to improve the daily life of those with Dementia by offering comfort in moments of insecurity. The standard album all...

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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    Red Toilet Surround

    The bright contrasting colour of this Red Toilet Surround helps to remind people suffering from Dementia where the toilet is located. The frame is height adjustable and features padded ar...

    £70.83 ex VAT
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    Red Toilet Seat & Frame

    The Red Toilet Seat & Frame helps to remind Dementia sufferers where the bathroom is located. It features a comfort seat with partial cutaway that is easy to fit and remove, padded arms f...

    £103.33 ex VAT
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    Rosebud Dementia Reminder Clock

    The Rosebud Reminder Dementia Clock has been developed to help prompt people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to carry out daily tasks and is aimed at relieving stress and anxiety that can b...

    £80.00 ex VAT
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    Mobile SOS Button

    The SOS button can be worn around the neck as a necklace or on the wrist as a bracelet. The SOS button automatically calls 3 landline or mobile numbers set by you , one after another unti...

    £100.00 ex VAT
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    Talking PIR Motion Sensor Pro

    The Talking PIR Motion Sensor enables you to record up to a 4 minute message that is played as soon someone walks past the sensor. It can be very beneficial for Dementia sufferers as you ...

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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    Ashby Step Two - Red

    The Ashby Bath Step is specifically designed to assist the user when getting into and out of the bath. The large slip resistant surface and red colouring offers the user confidence and pr...

    £48.33 ex VAT
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    Red Adjustable Height Walking Frame

    The red walking frame is made from aluminuim with wheels to the front. Red makes it easier to recognise and is ideal for patients with dementia.

    £32.92 ex VAT
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    Kura Care Adult Cutlery Set

    The thoughtfully designed Kura Care Cutlery Set contains a knife, fork and spook and is ideal for dementia sufferers due to their high contrast colouring. They feature finger indents and ...

    £11.67 ex VAT
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