Rollators can help people maintain their balance as they move around in the home and outside. They have four wheels and offer more stability than tri-walkers because they can take more weight.

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    A-Series Rollator

    The A-Series Rollator is a reliable and practical aid to walking, shopping, and completing daily tasks. Made from high quality aluminium the frame is a strong and durable support, additio...

    £74.17 ex VAT
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    Nitro Rollator

    The Nitro Rollator is an attractive walking aid that has been designed to be used both indoors and out. It has a light weight aluminium frame and features large 10" front castors.

    £183.33 ex VAT
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    Lightweight Aluminium 4 Wheel Rollator

    The Lightweight Aluminium 4 Wheel Rollator features solid plastic wheels and top-quality breaks to give the user full control when on the move. Additional features include an inbuilt seat...

    £107.50 ex VAT
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    Days 100 Series Lightweight Four Wheeled Rollator

    The lightweight four wheeled rollator features handles that are adjustable in height and comes in a choice of 6 colours.

    £83.17 ex VAT
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    4 Wheel Aluminium Rollator

    The 4 wheel aluminium rollator is a stylish walking aid for use inside and outside the home. This rollator is manufactured from aluminium to provide a lightweight alternative to steel fra...

    £74.17 ex VAT
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    Space LX Rollator

    The Rehasense Space LX is the lightest aluminium rollator in the Rehasense range. It tips the scales at just 6.1kg and is one of the easiest ‘X’ frame style rollators to lift, turn and ma...

    £216.67 ex VAT
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    Server Outdoor XC Rollator

    The Server XC Rollator has been designed for outdoor use and is perfect for use on uneven ground. It features height adjustable handles and an extra wide seat and is suitable for people w...

    £329.17 ex VAT
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    Let’s Move Rollator

    The Let’s Move is a stylish, lightweight rollator that boasts a modern looking aluminium frame. Weighing just 5.4kg it is one of the lightest rollators available.

    £304.17 ex VAT
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    Server Carbon Fibre Rollator

    The Server CF is a super lightweight stylish carbon fibre rollator tipping the scale at just over 5kg. It is easy to turn and manoeuvre and is available in two sizes. Supplied with a 2 ye...

    £354.17 ex VAT
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    Server Navigation Air Forearm Walker

    The Server Navigation Air Forearm Walker is based on the Server XC Off Road rollator and is therefore designed to be used on all kinds of terrain. It is ideal for users who require the ad...

    £458.33 ex VAT
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    Duo Deluxe Rollator

    The Duo Deluxe Rollator can also be used as a transit chair and features ergonomic handles, loop handled brakes and padded backrest. Easy to fold and available in 4 vibrant colours.

    £149.17 ex VAT
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    Rollz Flex 2-in-1 Rollator and Shopping Trolley

    The Rollz Flex is an attractive, modern rollator that doubles as a shopping trolley by simply turning the handlebar around. It features four different adjustable handle options to suit di...

    £475.00 ex VAT
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    You can choose from a number of features designed for greater comfort and safety such as:

    • A basket for storing items
    • Cushioned waterproof seating
    • Rubber hand grips
    • Lightweight frames
    • Compact foldaway frames

    We have a number of rollators for taller and heavier people too.

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