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    Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

    The Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift is a powered inflatable and deflatable bath lift which gently lowers and raises you into and out of the bath. Free UK Delivery.

    £415.00 ex VAT
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    Archimedes Bath Lift

    The Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift is a easy to use battery powered lightweight rigid bath lift that provides structured support for bathing. Free UK delivery

    £237.50 ex VAT
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    Mangar Handy Pillow Lift (inc Battery Airflow pump)

    The Handy Pillow lift is an ultra-lightweight inflating backrest to assist people who need help to rise from lying to sitting. Powered by an air compressor.

    £612.50 ex VAT
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    The electric Leglifter helps you to independently lift your legs into bed. It is lightweight, discreet and portable and fits most beds.

    £862.50 ex VAT
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    Battery for Mangar Bathlift

    Battery for Mangar Bathing Cushion

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    £33.33 ex VAT
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    Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion

    The ELK is a compact, battery powered lifting cushion that helps assist an individual to the upright position following a fall. The user simply shuffles or is rolled onto the cushion and ...

    £1149.90 ex VAT
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    Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion

    The Camel Lifting Cushion has been designed to help lift someone who has suffered a fall. It features an inbuilt backrest which offers a fully supportive lift and is suitable for the heav...

    £1830.00 ex VAT
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    Mangar Duo Divisys Double Profiling Bed

    This double electric profiling bed features two separate bed bases that can be operated independently. It has been designed to take a combined weight of 270kg and is available in two diff...

    £1915.00 ex VAT
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