Dementia Friendly

A collection of products designed to aid those who live with Dementia.

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    Red Toilet Surround

    The bright contrasting colour of this Red Toilet Surround helps to remind people suffering from Dementia where the toilet is located. The frame is height adjustable and features padded ar...

    £55.00 ex VAT
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    Red Toilet Seat & Frame

    The Red Toilet Seat & Frame helps to remind Dementia sufferers where the bathroom is located. It features a comfort seat with partial cutaway that is easy to fit and remove, padded arms f...

    £79.17 ex VAT
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    Ashby Red Grab Rails

    These high quality, tough plastic red grab rails have been designed to help those who are living with dementia. The red colour makes the grab rail easier for people with dementia to ident...

    £11.58 ex VAT
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    Red Walking Frame

    The Red walking frame is amde from a lightweight aluminium. Red in colour to provide greater colour contrast making it easier to recognise. Ideal for patients who have symptoms of dementia.

    £33.33 ex VAT
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    Coloured President Grab Bar

    The President Grab Bar is an attractive, durable, dementia friendly grab bar that is ribbed for improved grip. Available in red or blue, the colours are found to be stimulating to those l...

    £5.75 ex VAT
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    Deluxe Red Drop Down Grab Rail

    The Deluxe Red Drop Down Grab Rail is ideal for Dementia sufferers and helps reduce any confusion and distress when using the toilet. It features an easy lift up and fold down mechanism a...

    £82.50 ex VAT
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    Large Scoop Bowl

    The Large Scoop Bowl is white in colour and has been designed to help users who have limited dexerity. Including those with one hand.

    £6.25 ex VAT
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    Red Dementia Clock

    This Red Clock is easy to read and has been designed to help those people living with Dementia remember which day of the week it is. The vibrant red colour increases visibility and the wo...

    £17.50 ex VAT
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    Simple Music Player

    The Simple Music Player is easy to operate and has been specifically designed for people living with Dementia. Simply lift the lid to start playing music. Music can have very beneficial e...

    £104.17 ex VAT
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    Red Scoop Plate

    The Red Scoop Plate is ideal for Dementia sufferers and is shaped to assist users who have limited dexterity. It features a non-slip suction base and is BPA free.

    £6.25 ex VAT
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    Big Button Talking Clock

    The Big Button Talking Clock is ideal for people who are partially sighted or blind. Simply tap the large blue button and the talking clock will clearly speak the day and time. Easy to pr...

    £8.25 ex VAT
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    Digital Day Clock

    Featuring a large 8 inch screen the Digital Day Clock has been designed to help people living with dementia or memory loss.

    £57.50 ex VAT
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