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Make everyday tasks easier with Manage At Home. Our range of cleaning accessories features long handles, which reduce the need to kneel or bend when cleaning floors. Designed for those with stiff or painful joints, they can help make life more comfortable for anyone with limited mobility. Angled handles offer a more comfortable grip and don’t require the user to turn their wrist.

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  1. Bath and Tile Cleaner
    Code: 12143

    Bath and Tile Cleaner

    The bath and tile cleaner is a handy piece of equipment. Its extendable, lightweight and allows the most difficult to reach places easier to clean! Comes with 2 machine washable cleaning covers and they can be re-used over and over again.
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  2. Long Reach Extendable Duster
    Code: 12226

    Long Reach Extendable Duster

    The lightweight and easy to use long reach extendable duster makes cleaning and dusting those hard to reach places much easier! Extends from 113cm -201cm (44.5" - 79"), Can be used in the home or your car.
    £8.50 Select
  3. Table Top Ironing Mat
    Code: 12257

    Table Top Ironing Mat

    The table top ironing mat is made from a high quality heat resistant material. The mat is padded and can be used on a work top, floor or table.
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