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Boasting a range of products to aid care of the elderly and people with special needs, EasylinkUK's products are proven to offer substantial benefit and purpose to the individual and carer.

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    MemRabel2 Dementia Reminder Clock

    The MemRabel 2 is a very effective solution for creating daily memory prompt alarms, which can provide reassurance and improve self-esteem for a person living independently. Family member...

    £120.83 ex VAT
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    Splash Proof Call Pendant With Pager

    This useful splash proof pendant with radio pager is ideal if you are concerned that a family member is at risk of falling. The pendant features a large easy to press button that transmit...

    £58.33 ex VAT
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    Wi-Fi Personal Panic Alarm Button

    The Wi-Fi Panic Alarm Button is an ingenious device. When activated, the Wi-Fi button will send an alarm signal to your smart phone via your home or business Wi-Fi connection. By using th...

    £71.67 ex VAT
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    MedPage Micro GPS Location Tracker

    The MedPage Micro is a compact GPS location tracker that is accurate to within 15 metres. It features an integrated fall sensor, wander detection alarm and is ideal for those with conditi...

    £91.67 ex VAT
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    Children's High Sensitivity Epilepsy Alarm

    This ultra sensitive bed sensor accurately detects epileptic seizure movements. It will notify the parent or carer of any continuous seizure activity which in turn will trigger an alarm w...

    £208.33 ex VAT
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    Motion Activated Memo Reminder

    The Motion Activated Memo Reminder enables you to record a 20 second message that is automatically played when a person walks into the detection beam. Can be used to remind an elderly per...

    £22.42 ex VAT
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    Object Locator

    The Object Locator helps you locate misplaced items such as keys, your handbag, wallet etc..It is supplied with 5 wireless beepers and a remote control. Simply press the remote which will...

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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    Cordless Chair Occupancy Alarm Kit

    This chair occupancy alarm kit features a cordless chair sensor and transmits an alarm to a radio pager if a person attempts to leave their chair. Simply place the sensor under the chair ...

    £150.00 ex VAT
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    Non-Slip Floor Pressure Mat with Alarm Transmitter and Pager

    The Floor Pressure Mat Alarm consists of a heavy duty non-slip floor pressure mat and is supplied with an alarm transmitter and alarm pager. Simple to use and to set up and works by an al...

    £162.50 ex VAT
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    Bed Occupancy Alarm Kit

    The Bed Occupancy Alarm Kit is an extremely versatile system providing radio paging alert to a person getting out of bed. It includes integral voice recording to allow personal reminder m...

    £130.00 ex VAT
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    Chair Occupancy Alarm Kit

    The Chair Occupancy Alarm Kit is an extremely versatile system providing radio paging alert to a person getting out of their chair. It includes integral voice recording to allow personal ...

    £110.42 ex VAT
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    Wi-Fi PIR Movement Security Alarm

    The Wi-Fi PIR Movement Security Alarm is the ideal solution if you are concerned about a family member who lives alone . When the sensor is triggered an alarm signal is sent to your smart...

    £76.67 ex VAT
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