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Based in South Yorkshire, Harvest Healthcare manufacture and distribute quality healthcare equipment, focussing on meeting the ever-evolving needs within the care sector.

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    Partnership Active Mattress

    The Partnership active mattress is a double size active mattress. It combines foam and alternating cells on either side.

    £1625.00 ex VAT
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    Woburn Profiling Bed

    The Woburn Bed is an electrically operated profiling bed that features variable height adjustment as well as electric backrest and knee break. The wooden side rails can be raised to a hei...

    £745.83 ex VAT
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    Woburn Ultra Low Profiling Bed

    The Woburn Ultra Low Profiling Bed is unique in that it lowers to just 67mm from the floor. It is intended for use without side rails so the user can safely roll onto a crash mat should t...

    £1104.17 ex VAT
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    Woburn Community 1200 Wide Bed

    The Woburn Community 1200 Wide Bed by Harvest Healthcare a high quality wide set profiling bed that provides users with more space to reduce the feeling of entrapment. Price includes deli...

    £1270.83 ex VAT
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    Prime Comfort Plus Mattress

    The Prime Comfort Plus Mattress by Harvest Healthcare is a high quality mattress created to provide excellent comfort and support.

    £237.50 ex VAT
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    Windsor Active Replacement Mattress with Pump

    The Windsor Active Repacement Mattress with Pump from Harvest Healthcare is a top of the range mattress designed for those at high risk of pressure sores & ulcers.

    £1020.83 ex VAT
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