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Employing only the best and brightest engineers, Stander have created numerous innovative mobility aids through the feedback and support of their customers ranging from bed rails to car transfer aids.

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    Handy Bar/Swivel Cushion Duo Pack

    The Handy Bar/Swivel Cushion duo pack is ideal for those users who suffer from mobility problems and struggle getting in and out of their vehicle.

    £54.75 ex VAT
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    Assist-A-Tray Over Chair Table

    The Assist-A -Tray Over Chair Table is a uniquely designed dual use grab handle and tray that provides the user with support when getting into and out of any sofa, chair or recliner.

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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    Bed Caddie

    The Bed Caddie is a versatile little device that makes it easier to sit up and lie down in bed.

    £36.33 ex VAT
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    30 Inch Safety Bed Rail

    The Safety Bed Rail supports you when getting into and out of bed and also prevents you from falling out of bed. It easily folds down so it is out of the way when not in use. It works wit...

    £81.67 ex VAT
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    Portable Bed Rail

    The Bed Rail AdvantageTraveller is the most portable bed rail on the market. It folds for travel, fits in your suitcase and requires no assembly.

    £94.83 ex VAT
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    Adjustable Bed Rail

    This Adjustable Bed Rail is the only bed rail that adjusts in length after installation. It works well as both a side rail and as a support bar.

    £171.25 ex VAT
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    Handybar Car Transfer Handle

    The Handybar Car Transfer Handle offers extra assistance and leverage to get in and out of a vehicle unaided. The Handybar easily clamps into the U shaped plate on a car door frame.

    £20.83 ex VAT
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    Security Pole and Curved Grab Bar

    The Stander Security Pole provides extra support when standing from your bed or chair or the toilet. It is tension mounted so you can place it anywhere in the home without the need for sc...

    £239.67 ex VAT
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    EZ Click Bed Rail

    The EZ Click Bed Rails provide support and prevent the user from falling out of bed. They can be used on most hospital or long-term care beds including 4 section profiling beds. Removable...

    £346.17 ex VAT
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    EZ Fold N Go Rollator

    The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator is three times smaller than any other rollator on the market when folded making it the worlds most portable rollator. EZ Rollators have been specifically designe...

    £231.17 ex VAT
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    Bed Cane

    The Bed Cane provides support to the user when getting into and out of bed. It features a comfortable cushioned handle and is easily secured to any size divan bed.

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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