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Offering a number of daily living aids, ranging from shower stools and chairs to over bed and over chair tables, NRS Healthcare are an award winning, market leading manufacturer and supplier based in the UK.

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    Re-Useable Bed Pad

    This re usable bed pad is warm, comfortable but highly absorbent. It keeps the sleeper dry, reduces bed changes and helps prevent soreness and infection.

    £13.25 ex VAT
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    Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step

    The Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step is a versatile step that when stacked together gives a 4" step. Ideal for use at the side of the bath.

    £29.92 ex VAT
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    Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat

    The Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat provides a 3" raise to an exisiting seat.

    £12.42 ex VAT
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    Economy Shower Stool

    The Economy Shower Stool is an affordable height adjustable stool made from durable, moulded plastic.

    £22.42 ex VAT
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    Mowbray Toilet Seat & Frame Width Adjustable

    The Mowbray Toilet Seat features both adjustable width and height and offers comfort and versatility.

    £74.17 ex VAT
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    Doorframe Ramp

    A one piece lightweight doorframe ramp which provides wheelchair users with a convenient solution for door thresholds.

    £170.83 ex VAT
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    Easy Rise Cushion

    The Easy Rise Cushion enables the user to ustilise their body weight to help them raise from their chair. The specially layered foam inside gives the cushion a natural spring which gently...

    £37.50 ex VAT
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    Cordless Kettle Tipper

    Specifically designed for use with cordless kettles and features a hook and loop strap and base clamps to hold kettle in place. Kettle not included.

    £24.17 ex VAT
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    Mowbray Lite Toilet Aid

    The Mowbray Lite Toilet Aid raises the height of the toilet and provides additional support to make getting on and off the toilet easier.

    £40.83 ex VAT
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    Combi Reacher

    This versatile reaching aid is designed for picking up small or lightweight objects around the home, in the garden, or when you're out and about.

    £9.92 ex VAT
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    Height Adjustable Economy Shower Chair

    Height adjustable shower chair to help you sit comfortably when showering. Maximum user weight of 25stone (165kg)

    £48.25 ex VAT
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    Mowbray Toilet Seat and Frame - Extra Wide

    The Mowbray toilet seat and frame helps provide additional support for the user to get on and off the toilet. Extra wide for larger users. Maximum user weight of 40 stone( 254kg)

    £110.00 ex VAT
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