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    Washable Incontinence Protection Sheet

    IncoSheet is a washable incontinence protection sheet available in 4 sizes. The material is highly absorbent and always feels dry to the user. Free UK delivery

    £66.92 ex VAT
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    Antislip Mat

    The AntiSlip Mat is a high friction surface that comes in handy when you need a good grip for moving higher up in bed or transferring from a wheelchair

    £23.33 ex VAT
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    Transfer Footstool

    The FootStool is used mainly as support under the feet during transfers to reduce pressure underneath the thighs. It may also provide a better sitting position on the toilet.

    £102.92 ex VAT
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    Autoslide Car Access System

    The RoMedic AutoSlide car access system allows its users to turn and move sideways without great difficulty. See the user manual on our website. Free UK delivery

    £87.50 ex VAT
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