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Knob Turners

A useful gadget to assist in turning knobs for those with weaker hands

Knob turners are a useful accessibility aid for the home. Easy to use, their extended handle is more comfortable to grip than a traditional knob or tap, and provides greater leverage so that there is less need to turn the wrist. Developed with conditions such as arthritis in mind, they can help make everyday life easier for anyone with weak or painful wrists and hands. The spring-loaded pins adapt to a range of appliances, and the turner is small enough to be carried around for day-to-day use.


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  1. Contour Knob Turner
    Code: 10416

    Contour Knob Turner

    This contour knob turner is a clever device which is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps.
    £10.90 Select £9.08 ex VAT Contour Knob Turner
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