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Table Top Nail Clippers For Seniors

A mounted nail clipper can help make hand care easier for those with limited strength in their hands and fingers. With a wide, non-slip base, the Table Top Finger Nail Clipper offers good leverage and reduces the need to pick up and manoeuvre small scissors. If hand coordination has become difficult, the comfortable finger pad is easy to use and requires less energy than traditional nail clippers.

Manage At Home also offers a range of Easi-Grip aids, including Easi-Grip Scissors, to help with everyday tasks at home.

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  1. Table-Top Finger Nail Clipper
    Code: 10627

    Table-Top Finger Nail Clipper

    The Table-Top Finger Nail Clipper is mounted on a plastic base with non-slip feet. The large finger pad provides comfort and good leverage.
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