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Exercise equipment for the elderly


Exercise Aids for the Elderly and Disabled

Leisure Aids, Circulation Boosters, Pedals Exerciser & DVDs

It’s so important to keep both the body and mind active as we get older and our range of leisure and exercise aids help just do that. We have a selection of magnifiers, pedal exercisers and circulation boosters as well as exercise DVD's.

Exercise Aid Product Categories


  1. Orthopaedic Supports

    Orthopaedic Supports

  2. Medical Insoles & Heel Pads

    Medical Insoles & Heel Pads

  3. Magnifiers


  4. Pedal Exercisers

    Pedal Exercisers

  5. Exercise DVD

    Exercise DVD

  6. Exercise & Therapy

    Exercise & Therapy

  7. Floor & Table Lamps

    Floor & Table Lamps

  8. Hand Exercisers

    Hand Exercisers

  9. Book Holders

    Book Holders

  10. Pen Holders

    Pen Holders