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Medical Heel Pads & Medical Insoles

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Medical Insoles

Medical insoles are designed to give maximum comfort whilst offering impact protection and shock absorption. They can help alleviate tendonitis, joint and knee pain as well as fatigue fractures.

Heel Pads

Heel pads provides shock absorption at the heel where most impact occurs. They can be used for the treatment of Achilles tendonitis and other foot conditions, and can also help in preventing shin splints.

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  1. Elbow & Heel Protectors
    Code: 11314

    Elbow & Heel Protectors

    These cushioned Elbow & Heel Protectors have integral foam pads to which creams and lotions can be applied. Can be machine washed and tumble dried. Supplied in pairs.
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  2. Fleece Heel Protector
    Code: 11315

    Fleece Heel Protector

    The Fleece Heel Protector consists of washable wool pads that attach to the heel with hook and loop straps to provide comfort and to minimise shearing tissue. Supplied as a pair.
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