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Orthopaedic Supports

Protect injured or painful joints

Manage at Home offers a wide selection of orthopaedic supports for the back, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow. Designed to provide warmth and compression, they can help protect the user from future injuries as well as supporting recovery from any existing sprains or strains. Orthopaedic aids can also be helpful for those with arthritis or inflammation, offering support for any weak or painful joints.

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  1. Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support
    Code: 11228

    Vulkan Classic Open Knee Support

    The Vulkan Classic Open Knee support has a stitched buttress that supports the patella. It helps to relieve pain of patella symptoms, unstable and medial or lateral ligaments and cartilage damage.
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  2. Vulkan Classic Ankle Strap
    Code: 11229

    Vulkan Classic Ankle Strap

    The Vulkan Classic Ankle Strap provides warmth, compression and support to injured ankles. Ideal for those with an active daily lifestyle. Suitable for minor pains, strains and arthritic pain.
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  3. Vulkan Classic Back Support
    Code: 11231

    Vulkan Classic Back Support

    The Vulkan Classic Back Support is manages any bachache pains radiating as far as the buttock. It reduces unwanted twisting movements. Useful for those working in manual occupation.
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  4. Vulkan AE Knee Support
    Code: 11233

    Vulkan AE Knee Support

    The Vulkan AE Knee Support offers unique comfort and heat retention. It provides superior support and compression to control and limit swelling. Ideal for sprains and strains.
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  5. Vulkan AE Ankle Support
    Code: 11234

    Vulkan AE Ankle Support

    The Vulkan AE Ankle Support has a closed heel design for comfort during movment. Ideal for weak ankles and slight strains of the tendons and ligaments. Supporting, effective and odour free.
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  6. Vulkan AE Elbow Support
    Code: 11235

    Vulkan AE Elbow Support

    The Vulkan AE Elbow Support provides comfort for swollen or tender elbows suffering from sprains and strains. Firm support for prevention of further pain and discomfort. Use for racket sports or golf.
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  7. Vulkan AE Wrist Support
    Code: 11236

    Vulkan AE Wrist Support

    The Vulkan AE Wrist Support fits all sizes, helps aid weak injured or swollen wrists. Features a thumn loop, designed to secure the support in place. Universal design to fit both left and right wrist.
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