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Anti-Slip Mats

Find Anti-Slip, High Friction Mats

Anti-slip mats can make life easier when you’re moving around. Their high friction surface gives good grip for your feet, helping you move higher up in bed or transfer from a wheelchair. They’re useful in any room with a slippery or unsafe floor, suitable for travelling, and as easy to clean as they are to use.

If you are looking at non-slip mats with your bathroom in mind, we would also recommend visiting our bath safety page.

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  1. Antislip Mat
    Code: 10276

    Antislip Mat

    The AntiSlip Mat is a high friction surface that comes in handy when you need a good grip for moving higher up in bed or transferring from a wheelchair
    £25.00 Select £20.83 ex VAT Antislip Mat
  2. Transfer Footstool
    Code: 10278

    Transfer Footstool

    The FootStool is used mainly as support under the feet during transfers to reduce pressure underneath the thighs. It may also provide a better sitting position on the toilet.
    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT Transfer Footstool
  3. Non-Slip Floor Pressure Mat with Pager
    Code: 13299

    Non-Slip Floor Pressure Mat with Pager

    The Floor Pressure Mat Alarm consists of a heavy duty non-slip floor pressure mat and is supplied with an alarm transmitter and alarm pager. Simple to use and to set up and works by an alarm signal being transmitted to the pager. .
    £195.00 Select £162.50 ex VAT Non-Slip Floor Pressure Mat with Pager
3 item(s)View All