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Mobility Steps

Steps and step stools to help aid accessibility around the home

Portable steps and stools are a convenient way to aid accessibility around the home, helping users reach high cupboards or get into the bed or bath. Some have a handrail for additional support, and many feature non-slip surfaces and rubber feet for extra peace of mind.

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  1. Transfer Footstool
    Code: 10278

    Transfer Footstool

    The FootStool is used mainly as support under the feet during transfers to reduce pressure underneath the thighs. It may also provide a better sitting position on the toilet.
    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT Transfer Footstool
  2. Chrome Plated Steel Framed Stepstool
    Code: 10617

    Chrome Plated Steel Framed Stepstool

    This Stepstool provides a sturdy platform. It features a rubber mat surface and chrome plated steel frame.
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  3. Two Step Safety Ladder
    Code: 13395

    Two Step Safety Ladder

    The Two step safety ladder is manufactured from robust steel and features both top and side rails for additional support. The deep steps have a non-slip rubber tread.
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