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Locks & Keys

A Keysafe is a strong metal box that allows you to securely store keys and access can only be gained using a combination code. They are generally installed into brick and are ideal for anyone who needs immediate access to a property, for example a friend, relative or carer of an elderly person. The combination code is easy to set and can be changed when needed to maintain security.

If you have difficulty locking and unlocking doors due to weak grip and reduced dexterity then a key turner would certainly make life easier. You simply attach your key to the turner and it provides the extra grip and leverage needed. It then folds away into the handle when not in use.



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  1. Key Turner Three Keys
    Code: 10440

    Key Turner Three Keys

    The Three Key Turner is a simple product that has a curved built in handle for 3 yale or mortice type door keys. It has a moulded rubber comfort grip
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  2. C500 Police Approved Keysafe
    Code: 11957

    C500 Police Approved Keysafe

    The C500 Key safe is the only Key Safe in the UK which is Police approved. The C500 has achieved an independent security rating.
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