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Mobility Seating


Sitting & Posture Aids

Support Cushions, Chair raisers, Perching Stools and Footstools

Sitting can be made more comfortable with our extensive range of support cushions, either self-inflating or filled with memory foam. We also have chair raiser blocks to raise the height of standard chairs to make transferring from a sitting to standing position easier. Footstools and leg rests to support your legs and feet when sitting are also available.

A helpful way to take some weight off your feet when standing to fulfil household tasks is to use a perching stool, various adjustable height perching stools with and without arms or back rests can be found in this section.

Sitting Aid Product Categories

  1. Support Cushions

    Support Cushions

  2. Perching Stools & Chairs

    Perching Stools & Chairs

  3. Footstools


  4. Transfer Seats

    Transfer Seats

  5. Furniture Raisers

    Furniture Raisers