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Footstools For The Elderly & Disabled

An elevated leg rest or footstool can help to alleviate discomfort in the lower leg

Suitable for those with musculoskeletal problems, osteoarthritis or oedema, an elevated leg rest or footstool can help to alleviate discomfort in the lower leg. At Manage At Home we offer a range of height adjustable supports, many of which can be angled downwards to redistribute pressure on the legs more evenly. Some, like the Tuffet Leg Rest, even enable the user to adjust their firmness. In a choice of finishes, shapes and frames, our adjustable foot rests provide comfort as well as support.


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  1. Beaumont Leg Rest
    Code: 11444

    Beaumont Leg Rest

    The Beaumont Leg Rest features a vinyl top that has heat sealed seams for improved hygiene. The height adjustable frame is finished in a tough epoxy polymer finish.
    From £36.90 Select £30.75 ex VAT
  2. Tuffet Leg Rest
    Code: 11448

    Tuffet Leg Rest

    A versatile leg rest that can be used in two comfortable positions with a maximum leg raise of 360mm (14.5"). You can adjust the firmness via a valve for personal preference.
    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT Tuffet Leg Rest
  3. Comfy Adjustable Foot Stool
    Code: 10119

    Comfy Adjustable Foot Stool

    This Comfy adjustable footstool has a comfortable foam padded leg and foot rest and adjusts in height and angle to suit your sitting position
    £39.00 Select
  4. Adjustable Padded Leg Rest
    Code: 11106

    Adjustable Padded Leg Rest

    This adjustable padded leg rest is simple to adjust in both height and and the angle of the tilt. The cushion top is covered with a dark brown dralon.
    £183.10 Select
  5. Queen Anne Stool
    Code: 12251

    Queen Anne Stool

    The Queen Anne Stool is an elegant accessory for the Queen Anne Fireside Chair. It is ideal for resting tired legs and is available in 3 colours – Crimson, Sage and Biscuit.
    From £89.00 Select £74.17 ex VAT Queen Anne Stool
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