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Transfer Seats

Move safely between seats with a transfer seat

Transfer seats help those with limited mobility access cars or move between seats comfortably and safely. Swivel seats allow the user to turn in their chair more easily, and are especially useful in spaces with limited room for movement.

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  1. Swivel Seat
    Code: 10060

    Swivel Seat

    This Swivel Seat is designed to help people who have mobility problems to turn on a seat when transferring, for getting out of a car for example. 16" diameter
    £24.90 Select £20.75 ex VAT Swivel Seat
  2. Bamboo Transfer Board
    Code: 11918

    Bamboo Transfer Board

    The Bamboo Straight Transfer Board can be used to help aid a person from their wheelchair to the car or on to a bed or a chair.Two size options of 24" or 30".
    From £26.90 Select £22.42 ex VAT Bamboo Transfer Board
  3. Transfer Turn Table
    Code: 12142

    Transfer Turn Table

    The Transfer turn table is ideal for any day to day transfers. Allows a full 360 degree rotation and can be used when transferring a user to and from a bed, chair, commode or car.
    £23.50 Select £19.58 ex VAT Transfer Turn Table
3 item(s)View All