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Bath Cushions & Non Slip Bath Mats For Elderly

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  1. Bath Pillow
    Code: 10549

    Bath Pillow

    The Bath Pillow is an inflatable PVC pillow that benefits those users that are susceptible to developing pressure sores by providing cushioning between the bath and the skin.
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  2. Everyday Bath and Shower Mats
    Code: 11041

    Everyday Bath and Shower Mats

    These everyday bath and shower mats have excellent grip due to the large number of suckers and the high-grade rubber material. Multiple drainage holes allow speedy water drainage.
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  3. Soft Feel Bath Mats
    Code: 11039

    Soft Feel Bath Mats

    These soft feel bath and shower mats are especially designed for extra comfort. Made from non-latex material they are suitable for allergy sufferers.
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  4. Sure Tread Bath and Shower Mats
    Code: 11040

    Sure Tread Bath and Shower Mats

    These sure treat bath and shower mats give an extra sense of security with their ridged design. High-grade rubber content with additional suction cups.
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  5. Rubbergrip Bath Mats
    Code: 10563

    Rubbergrip Bath Mats

    The Rubbergrip Bath Mats feature a ribbed surface and suction cups for added slip resistance. The mats are self draining and fully machine washable.
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  6. Inflatable Bath Cushion
    Code: 10841

    Inflatable Bath Cushion

    This inflatable bath cushion gives additional comfort and support when bathing. Four sucker feet on the underside secure it to the bath to prevent movement.
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  7. Padded Bath Cushion
    Code: 10842

    Padded Bath Cushion

    A soft, non-slip cushion designed to make bathing a safe and comfortable experience. The cushion has suckers on the underside and the rear to keep it securely in place.
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  8. Homecraft Bath Pillow
    Code: 11712

    Homecraft Bath Pillow

    Inflatable pillow that is covered in a white terry cloth for comfort. Four suction feet on the back ensures it remains in the correct position. Width 21" Length 15.75 ".
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