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Portable Toilet For the Elderly

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  1. Male Urinal
    Code: 13317

    Male Urinal

    This male urinal holder has a carry handle and anti spill lid. Holds upto 1000ml.
    £3.00 Select £2.50 ex VAT Male Urinal
  2. Female Urinal
    Code: 13318

    Female Urinal

    The female portable urinal is ideal for women who are confined to their bed. Capacity of 1000ml and is easy to clean.
    £3.00 Select £2.50 ex VAT Female Urinal
  3. Economy Male Urinal
    Code: 10360

    Economy Male Urinal

    The Economy Male Urinal is moulded from clear plastic, this urinal has a snap on lid and handle. The long neck ensures this urinal is easy to use.
    £6.00 Select
  4. Economy Female Urinal
    Code: 10361

    Economy Female Urinal

    This female urinal has a handle for ease of use. Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying. Output volumes are marked if this information is needed.
    £5.80 Select
  5. Slipper Urinal
    Code: 10362

    Slipper Urinal

    This slipper or bed pan type urinal is a white plastic urinal with rubber end cap for emptying. It is suitable for bed or wheelchair use
    £17.80 Select
  6. Spillproof Female Urinal
    Code: 10363

    Spillproof Female Urinal

    This spill proof female urinal is designed to ensure no leakage. No matter what position it is placed in, the contents will not escape.
    £65.30 Select
  7. Spillproof Male Urinal
    Code: 10364

    Spillproof Male Urinal

    This spill proof male urinal is designed to ensure no leakage. No matter what position it is placed in, the contents will not escape.
    £48.60 Select
  8. Portable Urinal
    Code: 10575

    Portable Urinal

    This discreet, portable and disposable urinal is ideal for situations when toilet facilities are limited. Will hold upto 800ml and turns the liquid into gel.
    £14.40 Select
  9. Uriwell Unisex Urinal
    Code: 11085

    Uriwell Unisex Urinal

    The uriwell urinal can be used by both men and women. The unique design allows the urinal to bend, ideal for use in any position - standing, lying or sitting with no spillages. Easily collapsed.
    £23.20 Select
  10. Homecraft Urine Bottle Female
    Code: 11706

    Homecraft Urine Bottle Female

    The Homecraft Urine Bottle- Female version has an integral handle and can be heat sterilised.
    £16.40 Select
  11. Homecraft Urine Bottle Male
    Code: 11707

    Homecraft Urine Bottle Male

    The Homecraft Male Urine bottle has an intergral handle and can be heat sterilised.
    £7.70 Select
  12. Male Low Spill Urine Bottle Adaptor
    Code: 11708

    Male Low Spill Urine Bottle Adaptor

    Low Spill adaptor for use with the male urine bottle.
    £15.20 Select
  13. Female Urinal with Lid
    Code: 11990

    Female Urinal with Lid

    A female urinal with a snap-on lid. The bottle is marked for recording out levels. Capacity 1 litre.
    £6.50 Select
  14. Derby P- Guard Derby P- Guard
    Code: 11962

    Derby P- Guard

    The Derby P- Guard is an aid to deflect urine into the toilet. Flexible links to allow the cup to be positioned for the persons needs.
    £23.00 Select
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