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Bedroom Aids For The Elderly


Profiling beds, Memory Foam Mattresses & Pillows, Dressing Aids And Commodes

In the bedroom section of the ManageAtHome.co.uk website you can buy online electric profiling beds, which have choice of mattresses and even nursing beds like the ones in hospital. Bed accessories such as over bed tables, bed rails, and a large range of cushions and pillows to provide extra support from cheap to sophisticated. Memory foam and self inflating cushions are very popular.

Access into and out of bed can be improved by using bed raisers or risers to adjust the height of the bed, and grab handles and transfer boards to assist in transferring into and out of bed. Bedroom commodes can make a visit to the bathroom unnecessary.
Dressing aids such as reachers, grabbers, buttoners and sock and stocking aids that can help those with limited mobility or dexterity when dressing are also in this section



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    In Bed

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    Out of Bed