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Dressing Aids

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  1. Fixed Length Dressing Stick
    Code: 10647

    Fixed Length Dressing Stick

    The Dressing Stick is a plastic coated one piece combination hook/pusher ideal for anyone who has a limited range of movement or the use of one arm or hand.
    From £8.90 Select £7.42 ex VAT Fixed Length Dressing Stick
  2. Zip Grip
    Code: 10648

    Zip Grip

    The Zip Grip is a useful device for people who have difficulty grasping and pulling small zips.
    £12.60 Select £10.50 ex VAT Zip Grip
  3. Button Hook With Zip Pull
    Code: 12148

    Button Hook With Zip Pull

    The Button Hook Zipper makes dressing and undressing simple. Its ideal for users who struggle fastening and unfastening buttons. The button hook zipper has two different steel ends. A hook at one end and a loop fitting at the other end which are designed to attach quickly and easily making them easy to open and close.
    From £8.50 Select £7.08 ex VAT Button Hook With Zip Pull
3 item(s)View All