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Beds for the elderly

In Bed

Beds & Accessories for Nursing Homes, the Elderly and Disabled

Nursing Beds, Electrically Adjustable & Profiling Beds, Mattresses, Side Rails and Overbed Tables

Our wide range of beds, mattresses and bed accessories make life much easier in the bedroom for the elderly and disabled. We stock electric adjustable profiling nursing care beds, compatible mattresses, overbed tablesbed raisers and bed side rails

Beds and Bed Accessory Product Categories

  1. Beds


  2. Mattresses


  3. Bed Side Rails

    Bed Side Rails

  4. Overbed Tables & Trays

    Overbed Tables & Trays

  5. Back Rests

    Back Rests

  6. Pillow Lift

    Pillow Lift

  7. Bed Raisers

    Bed Raisers

  8. Pillows & Cushions

    Pillows & Cushions

  9. Sheets & Covers

    Sheets & Covers

  10. Bed Pans

    Bed Pans