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Cooking Aids for the Elderly

Cooking & Preparation

Cooking & Food Preparation Aids for the Elderly & Disabled

Kettle Tippers, Can, Jar and Bottle Openers, Kitchen Utensils, Tap & Knob Turners to help daily living

We have a wide range of aids for use in the kitchen when cooking and preparing food. Our cooking aids include can, jar and bottle openerskettle tippers and tap turners.

Cooking Aid Product Categories

  1. Can, Bottle & Jar Openers

    Can, Bottle & Jar Openers

  2. Chopping Boards

    Chopping Boards

  3. Kettle Tippers

    Kettle Tippers

  4. Kitchen Utensils

    Kitchen Utensils

  5. Non-Slip Mats

    Non-Slip Mats

  6. Peelers & Graters

    Peelers & Graters

  7. Perching Stools

    Perching Stools

  8. Scissors


  9. Trolleys


  10. Tap & Knob Turners

    Tap & Knob Turners

  11. Waste Bins

    Waste Bins