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Chopping Boards

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  1. Etac Food Preparation Board
    Code: 10333

    Etac Food Preparation Board

    The Etac Food Preparation Board has vice type jaws that can hold food or a piece of kitchen equipment and a detachable spiked plate which can hold small pieces of food for cutting.
    Was £79.00 SAVE: £20.00
    £59.00 Select £49.17 ex VAT Etac Food Preparation Board
  2. Spreadboard
    Code: 10611


    Thoughtfully designed for one handed use this Spreadboard allows you to spread condiments easier.
    £14.00 Select
  3. Food Preparation System
    Code: 11158

    Food Preparation System

    This Food Preparation System is a durable cutting board ideal for those with difficulty gripping, or only have the use of one hand. Comes with a clamp and spikes, to keep items still when in use.
    £76.30 Select £63.58 ex VAT Food Preparation System
  4. Kitchen Workstation
    Code: 11159

    Kitchen Workstation

    This Kitchen Workstation is an easy to use multi functional food preparation unit, providing assistance with everyday kitchen tasks.
    £75.30 Select £62.75 ex VAT Kitchen Workstation
  5. Plastic Spreadboard Standard
    Code: 11257

    Plastic Spreadboard Standard

    The Plastic Spread Board with Spikes features a raised L-shape in one corner to aid one handed bread spreadng. Spikes hold the bread or vegetables in place while being chopped.
    From £12.10 Select £10.08 ex VAT Plastic Spreadboard Standard
  6. Kitchen Spreader Board
    Code: 13363

    Kitchen Spreader Board

    The Kitchen Spreader Board allows you to prepare snacks and meals using just one hand. The non-slip feet allow the board to remain in place when in use.
    £5.50 Select £4.58 ex VAT Kitchen Spreader Board
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