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Kettle Tippers

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  1. Uccello Power Pour Kettle with built-in Tipper
    Code: 12111

    Uccello Power Pour Kettle with built-in Tipper

    The Uccello Power Pour Kettle allows easy and safe pouring of hot water using an ingenious ‘tilt and pour’ action. It features an ergonomic handle and hinged lid with large opening for easy fill.
    £55.00 Select £45.83 ex VAT Uccello Power Pour Kettle with built-in Tipper
  2. Cordless Kettle Tipper
    Code: 11454

    Cordless Kettle Tipper

    Specifically designed for use with cordless kettles and features a hook and loop strap and base clamps to hold kettle in place. Kettle not included.
    £25.00 Select £20.83 ex VAT Cordless Kettle Tipper
  3. Universal Kettle Tipper
    Code: 10392

    Universal Kettle Tipper

    This new and innovative kettle tipper is designed to be compatible with most kettle types including standard, jug and cordless kettles.
    £27.60 Select £23.00 ex VAT Universal Kettle Tipper
  4. All-Purpose Tipper
    Code: 10755

    All-Purpose Tipper

    The innovative All-Purpose Tipper allows you to safely pour boiling water and can accomodate a teapot and both standard and jug kettle.
    £31.00 Select
  5. Stability Base for All-Purpose Tipper
    Code: 10756

    Stability Base for All-Purpose Tipper

    The Tipper Stabiliser Base provides additional support when using the All-Purpose Tipper. It simply secures to the stabiliser base without the use of tools.
    £19.00 Select
  6. Cordless Mini Jug Kettle
    Code: 11168

    Cordless Mini Jug Kettle

    The Cordless Mini Jug Kettle is ideal for boiling small quantities, extremely light and easy to lift making it ideal for taking on your travels.
    £56.50 Select
  7. Kettle Tipper
    Code: 11258

    Kettle Tipper

    These Kettle Tippers are especially useful for people with weak or painful grips. The kettle can be poured safely and with virtually no effort. Available in three styles, fitting almost any kettle.
    From £24.60 Select £20.50 ex VAT Kettle Tipper
7 item(s)View All