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Vegetable Peelers For Arthritic Hands

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  1. Good Grips "Y" Peeler
    Code: 10600

    Good Grips "Y" Peeler

    The Good grips "Y" Peeler features a large handle that ensures a secure hold, even when wet. The horizontal blade swivels and requires minimal range of motion of the wrist or elbow.
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  2. Good Grips Swivel Peeler
    Code: 10601

    Good Grips Swivel Peeler

    The Good Grips Swivel Peeler has a unique handle that ensures a secure hold. The Swivel Peeler features a stainless steel blade which cuts easily and requires minimal wrist movement.
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  3. Clyde Grater, Scraper & Spike
    Code: 11161

    Clyde Grater, Scraper & Spike

    This Clyde Grater, Scraper & Spike is a useful device that has a grating unit with a plated metal mesh blade for peeling or grating.
    £28.20 Select £23.50 ex VAT Clyde Grater, Scraper & Spike
  4. Apple Cutter
    Code: 12231

    Apple Cutter

    An easier way to cut your apples is to use this handy apple cutter. The apple cuter cuts your apple into 8 slices. The cutter has a plastic grip with two handles for easier slicing.
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4 item(s)View All