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Tap Turners

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  1. Contour Knob Turner
    Code: 10416

    Contour Knob Turner

    This contour knob turner is a clever device which is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps.
    £10.90 Select £9.08 ex VAT Contour Knob Turner
  2. Crystal Tap Turner
    Code: 11147

    Crystal Tap Turner

    This Crystal Tap Turner is an ingenious device that clamps around crystal taps to provide additional leverage.
    £14.30 Select £11.92 ex VAT Crystal Tap Turner
  3. Crosshead Tap Turners
    Code: 11252

    Crosshead Tap Turners

    The Crosshead Tap Turners simply fit over the top of capstan type taps to make them easier to turn. Supplied in red and blue. Also available with comfort grip.
    From £9.40 Select £7.83 ex VAT Crosshead Tap Turners
3 item(s)View All