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Plates For The Elderly

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  1. Red Scoop Plate
    Code: 13343

    Red Scoop Plate

    The Red Scoop Plate is ideal for Dementia sufferers and is shaped to assist users who have limited dexterity. It features a non-slip suction base and is BPA free.
    £7.50 Select £6.25 ex VAT Red Scoop Plate
  2. GripWare Plastic Scoop Dish
    Code: 10633

    GripWare Plastic Scoop Dish

    This GripWare Scoop Dish is ideal for people with limited co-ordination or can only use one hand. It features non-slip textured rubber feet that helps prevent plates from sliding.
    £13.90 Select
  3. GripWare High Sided Dish
    Code: 10634

    GripWare High Sided Dish

    This GripWare High Sided Dish is made of melamine and is ideal for people with limited co-ordination. It features non-slip textured rubber feet that helps prevent plates from sliding.
    £18.10 Select
  4. Dignity by Wade Tableware Range
    Code: 10939

    Dignity by Wade Tableware Range

    The Dignity by Wade innovative tableware range has been specifically designed to help people suffering from mental disabilities such as Dementia and Alzheimers
    From £17.20 Select £14.33 ex VAT Dignity by Wade Tableware Range
  5. Large Scoop Bowl
    Code: 13171

    Large Scoop Bowl

    The Large Scoop Bowl is white in colour and has been designed to help users who have limited dexerity. Including those with one hand.
    From £7.50 Select £6.25 ex VAT Large Scoop Bowl
  6. Scoop Plate
    Code: 13172

    Scoop Plate

    This Scoop Plate has been designed in a shape which makes it easier to use if the user has limited dexterity.
    £6.50 Select £5.42 ex VAT Scoop Plate
  7. Incurve Plate Surround
    Code: 11170

    Incurve Plate Surround

    This Incurve Plate Surround is a flexible guard that can be fitted to ordinary plates to assist with one-handed eating.
    £7.50 Select £6.25 ex VAT Incurve Plate Surround
  8. Scoop Dish
    Code: 12145

    Scoop Dish

    The scoop dish is ideal for those who eat with only one hand as the scoop dish has a high rim with a reverse curve on one side so that it helps the user to scoop food onto a fork or spoon without spilling food over the sides. It also has a non slip, rubber padded bottom.
    £13.90 Select £11.58 ex VAT Scoop Dish
  9. Plate Guard
    Code: 12144

    Plate Guard

    The plate guard is easily fitted to your plate(s) to help assist with one handed eating and is helpful for people who have limited hand control. Its microwave and dishwasher safe.
    £9.90 Select £8.25 ex VAT Plate Guard
  10. No Bend Pet Bowl
    Code: 12207

    No Bend Pet Bowl

    Designed for owners with limited mobility the No Bend Pet Bowl features an adjustable handle that makes it easy to reach the floor at feeding time. Available in three colours – Red, Light Grey and Black.
    From £14.99 Select No Bend Pet Bowl
10 item(s)View All