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Chairs For The Elderly

Living Room

Riser Recliner Chairs, Support Cushions, Chair Raisers, Footstools and Over Chair Tables

The living room section is where you can buy a range of riser recliner chairs from Restwell - one of the most respected manufacturers of seating products. If you have poor mobility a rise and recline chair can aid significantly when standing up and also provide a comfortable place for rest. We offer a professional installation service on all our riser recliner chairs. Traditional and high seat fireside chairs are also available.
To make access to existing chairs easier, we offer a selection of raiser blocks that fit under the chair legs, raising the height of the seat. Support cushions for the seat, back, lumbar area, head and neck made from either memory foam that shapes to your body or Posturelite self inflating air cushions that you can adjust using the pneumatic valve. Over chair tables are brilliant for eating meals, reading and other hobbies.



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