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Mobility Seating


Seating Aids & Support for the Elderly and Disabled

Rise & Recliner Chairs, Leg Rests & Footstools, Chair Raisers, Overchair Tables

Seating aids supplied by Manage At Home include high seat chairs and riser recliner chairs. Seating accessories such as chair raisers, leg rests & footstoolsover-chair tables and support cushions are also available.

Seating Aid Product Categories

  1. Chairs


  2. Chair Raisers

    Chair Raisers

  3. Overchair Tables

    Overchair Tables

  4. Riser Recliner Chairs

    Riser Recliner Chairs

  5. Leg Rests

    Leg Rests

  6. Seat Cushions

    Seat Cushions

  7. Lumbar Support

    Lumbar Support

  8. Neck & Head Supports

    Neck & Head Supports

  9. Furniture Protectors

    Furniture Protectors