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Waterproof Seat Pads

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  1. Re-Usable Seat Pad
    Code: 11192

    Re-Usable Seat Pad

    The Re-Usable Seat Pad is attractive and machine washable. Can be used on a chair, car seat or wheelchair. Quilted absorbent layer providing dryness and comfort.
    From £18.80 Select £15.67 ex VAT Re-Usable Seat Pad
  2. Re-Useable Seat Protector
    Code: 11086

    Re-Useable Seat Protector

    This reusable seat protector pad is manufactured from a superior absorbent, stay-dry material with a slip resistant backing that protects both user and seating. For light to moderate incontinence.
    £29.50 Select £24.58 ex VAT Re-Useable Seat Protector
  3. Velour Floor Pads
    Code: 12185

    Velour Floor Pads

    The Velour floor pad is a premium quilted floor pad. Its highly absorbant and has a waterproof backing. Available in 4 colours which are Blue, Brown, Green and Maroon. Absorbs approx 4.0 litres.
    From £51.50 Select £42.92 ex VAT Velour Floor Pads
3 item(s)View All