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Support Cushions For The Elderly

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  1. Repose Contur Riser Recliner Cushion
    Code: 13186

    Repose Contur Riser Recliner Cushion

    The Repose Contur is a cushion overlay that has been specifically designed for use with Riser Recliner Chairs. It provides pressure redistribution for the at-risk areas of the body including the sacrum and buttocks.
    £265.00 Select £220.83 ex VAT Repose Contur Riser Recliner Cushion
  2. Repose Care-Sit Cushion
    Code: 13187

    Repose Care-Sit Cushion

    The Repose Care-Sit Cushion can instantly transform static chairs of all types and sizes as well as wheelchairs to provide a cheap and effective solution for pressure sore prevention and treatment.
    From £230.00 Select £191.67 ex VAT Repose Care-Sit Cushion
  3. Easy Rise Cushion
    Code: 11449

    Easy Rise Cushion

    The Easy Rise Cushion enables the user to ustilise their body weight to help them raise from their chair. The specially layered foam inside gives the cushion a natural spring which gently raises the user as they lean forward to a standing position.
    £37.50 Select £31.25 ex VAT
  4. Serenade Seat Cushion
    Code: 10023

    Serenade Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil Serenade seat cushion is designed to give pressure relief for medium to high risk patients. The cover is vapour-permeable PU coated fabric.
    £69.00 Select £57.50 ex VAT Serenade Seat Cushion
  5. Serenade VE Seat Cushion
    Code: 10024

    Serenade VE Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil Serenade VE seat cushion is designed to give pressure relief for medium to high risk patients. Two grades of visco-elastic foam provide support
    £79.00 Select £65.83 ex VAT Serenade VE Seat Cushion
  6. Basic Seat Cushion
    Code: 10025

    Basic Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil basic seat cushion provides ideal support for low risk users. Castellated foam covered with PU coated fabric construction. Quick delivery
    £30.00 Select £25.00 ex VAT Basic Seat Cushion
  7. Coccyx Cushion
    Code: 10052

    Coccyx Cushion

    This Coccyx Cushion has a wedge shape to tilt the pelvis foward and encourage the natural curve of the spine. A cut out below the coccyx relieves pressure
    £13.50 Select
  8. Harley Designer Ring Cushion
    Code: 10657

    Harley Designer Ring Cushion

    The Harley Designer Ring Cushion offers extreme comfort and pressure relief as the visco elastic memory foam literally moulds to your body.
    £49.00 Select
  9. Dyna-Pad Cushion
    Code: 11646

    Dyna-Pad Cushion

    The Dynapad Cushion provides support for those users considered at risk of pressure ulcer development. Castellated foam covered with PU coated fabric construction. Quick delivery.
    £35.00 Select £29.17 ex VAT Dyna-Pad Cushion
  10. Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion
    Code: 11827

    Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion

    The Dynapad Superior Cushion comprises specialist 'castellated cut' CMHR foam so ensuring the reduction of heat and moisture build up, whilst achieving maximum pressure re-distribution.
    £65.00 Select £54.17 ex VAT Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion
  11. Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion
    Code: 11829

    Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion

    The Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion provides good postural management and great pressure re-distribution . It has been designed for those users considered to be 'At Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.
    £49.00 Select £40.83 ex VAT Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion
  12. 4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion
    Code: 12149

    4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion

    The 4" deep pressure relieving cushion is designed to help prevent pressure sores. The Voscous gel helps provide maximum support and comfort. The cushion has a waterproof cover with a non slip vinyl bottom. Useful carry handle fitted to the bottom for transportation.
    £38.00 Select £31.67 ex VAT 4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion
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