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Mobility Half Steps

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  1. Giant Half Step
    Code: 13206

    Giant Half Step

    The Giant Half Step is perfect for use when a ramp is not required or practical. Available in two huge sizes.
    From £235.00 Select £195.83 ex VAT Giant Half Step
  2. Metal Half Step
    Code: 10762

    Metal Half Step

    These high quality Metal Half Steps are designed for those users who struggle negotiating high steps. They are constructed from steel and aluminium and feature adjustable nylon feet.
    From £72.00 Select
  3. Derby Half-Step
    Code: 10760

    Derby Half-Step

    The Derby Half-Step has been specifically designed to reduce the step height for people who have difficulty negotiating large steps.
    £81.50 Select
  4. Langham Plastic Half Step
    Code: 10761

    Langham Plastic Half Step

    The Langham Plastic Half Step is ideal for users who have problems with high steps as it reduces the step height.
    £80.70 Select
  5. Big Foot Half Step
    Code: 11974

    Big Foot Half Step

    The Big Foot half step is designed for outdoor use. The step is height adjustable and handles can be fitted without tools.
    £140.00 Select
  6. Outdoor Step
    Code: 12139

    Outdoor Step

    This out door step is easy to use and can help prevent the risk of falling. The step has a non slip surface and is lightweight. You could use the step indoors if required. The step helps provides the user with an intermediate step between the ground and the height of a doorstep which helps the user to safely manage the steps.
    £27.00 Select
6 item(s)View All