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Motability Scooters

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  1. Explorer Scooter
    Code: 13350

    Explorer Scooter

    The Explorer Scooter has all round suspension, comfortable padded seat and automatic electromagnetic brake system. The seat can swivel 360 to make it easier for the user to get on and off the scooter.
    From £870.00 Select £725.00 ex VAT Explorer Scooter
  2. Scout Scooter
    Code: 11861

    Scout Scooter

    The Scout Scooter has many features which are normally found on larger scooters. It is ideal for use indoors and outdoors and has a maximum range of 10 miles on a full battery charge and a top speed of 4 mph.
    From £655.00 Select £545.83 ex VAT Scout Scooter
  3. Titan LTE Powerchair
    Code: 13336

    Titan LTE Powerchair

    The Titan LTE Powerchair is both compact and lightweight and splits into 4 sections making it easily transportable. It has a maximum speed of 4mph and a maximum range of 8 miles. Features include a user friendly programmable controller and height adjustable swivel seat. Available in metallic red and blue.
    From £1,070.00 Select £891.67 ex VAT Titan LTE Powerchair
  4. Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Powerchair
    Code: 13439

    Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Powerchair

    The Titan AXS has mid wheel drive for optimum manoeuvrability. There are six wheels which provide added stability. It has a maximum range of 19 miles on a full battery charge and it has a maximum speed of 4mph.
    From £1,170.00 Select £975.00 ex VAT Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Powerchair
  5. Energi Powerchair
    Code: 13197

    Energi Powerchair

    The Energi Powerchair is lightweight and packed full of features including a maximum speed of 4mph and maximum range of 15 miles.
    From £1,250.00 Select £1,041.67 ex VAT Energi Powerchair
  6. Titan Powerchair
    Code: 11935

    Titan Powerchair

    The Titan Powerchair is perfect for people on the go, whether this is around the home or in a shopping centre. Comfortable, stylist and easy to be disassembled without tools.
    £1,095.00 Select £912.50 ex VAT Titan Powerchair
  7. Folding Scooter
    Code: 13129

    Folding Scooter

    The Folding Scooter is lightweight and easy to transport. Simply use the remote control to fold and unfold. Top speed of 4mph and maximum range of 6 miles. Supplied with batteries.
    From £1,998.00 Select £1,665.00 ex VAT Folding Scooter
  8. Folding Suspension Scooter Folding Suspension Scooter
    Code: 13576

    Folding Suspension Scooter

    The folding suspension scooter provides driving comfort due to its rear suspension, There is a one hand quick release mechanism to allow it to be quickly and easily dismantled. Can be used on all types of terrains. Maximum range of 13 miles. Maximum user weight of 19 st, Available in two colour options, either aqua or orange.
    From £1,074.00 Select £895.00 ex VAT Folding Suspension Scooter
  9. King Cobra Scooter King Cobra Scooter
    Code: 13579

    King Cobra Scooter

    The King Cobra has a stylish design and features a comfortable rotating seat with sliding and reclining facility. It has a maximum range of 32 miles on a full charge and a top speed of 8mph.
    £4,200.00 Select £3,500.00 ex VAT King Cobra Scooter
  10. Bobcat Scooter
    Code: 13349

    Bobcat Scooter

    The Bobcat Scooter is bright and reliable. From a maximum charge the Bobcat can travel 7.5miles. Theres an easy finger pull throttle and the seat is height adjustable.
    £636.00 Select £530.00 ex VAT Bobcat Scooter
  11. Auto Folding Scooter Auto Folding Scooter
    Code: 13536

    Auto Folding Scooter

    The Auto Folding Scooter weighs in at a mere 27.5kg and folds to a compact size in just 15 seconds. It has a top speed of 4mph and a maximum range of 13 miles on a full battery charge.
    From £1,998.00 Select £1,665.00 ex VAT Auto Folding Scooter
11 item(s)View All