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Mobility Scooter Accessories

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  1. Scooter Storage Cover
    Code: 11003

    Scooter Storage Cover

    This Scooter Storage Cover protects your scooter, made from waterproof rip-stop nylon. Fits almost all three and four wheeled scooters, and has an elasticated base for a tighter fit.
    £37.00 Select £30.83 ex VAT Scooter Storage Cover
  2. Deluxe Scooter Storage Cover
    Code: 11008

    Deluxe Scooter Storage Cover

    This deluxe scooter storage cover is a heavy duty PVC cover that easily fits over your scooter, in order to protect it when out of use.
    From £36.20 Select £30.17 ex VAT Deluxe Scooter Storage Cover
  3. Universal Scooter Cape
    Code: 11010

    Universal Scooter Cape

    This Universal Scooter Cape is practical, lightweight and offers all round protection for both the rider and the scooter. Shaped to fit both 3 and 4 wheeled scooters.
    £46.70 Select £38.92 ex VAT Universal Scooter Cape
  4. Deluxe Scooter Poncho
    Code: 11011

    Deluxe Scooter Poncho

    This Deluxe Scooter Poncho is quick and easy to put on. It has an elasticated hemline to prevent it blowing up in a strong wind. A small pouch is useful for carryng items close to hand.
    £70.30 Select £58.58 ex VAT Deluxe Scooter Poncho
  5. Scooter Bag
    Code: 11013

    Scooter Bag

    This large, waterproof Scooter Bag is made from hard-wearing polyester material. The side pouch holds two crutches or walking sticks.
    £28.50 Select £23.75 ex VAT Scooter Bag
  6. Economy Scooter Bag
    Code: 11014

    Economy Scooter Bag

    This Economy Scooter Bag is sturdy and practical with a zip top. It secures in the scooter seat with adjustable straps. Made from waterproof nylon.
    £23.80 Select £19.83 ex VAT Economy Scooter Bag
  7. Scooter Storage Cover
    Code: 12150

    Scooter Storage Cover

    If you store your scooter outside then the scooter storage cover would be ideal! Its made from a lightweight yet heavy duty rip-stop nylon. Its easy to fit and remove and fold away. Buckles are fitted to secure the cover.
    From £40.00 Select £33.33 ex VAT Scooter Storage Cover
7 item(s)View All