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  1. 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box

    7 Day Extra Large Pill Box

    This 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box enables a selection of pills to be added to each large daily compartment. The large letters and compartments are especially suited to those users who are visually impared and those with poor dexterity. Each compartment has a flip lid and clearly displays the day of the week.

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  2. Adjustable Aluminium Bath Step

    Adjustable Aluminium Bath Step

    This Adjustable Aluminium Bath Step has been specifically designed to make getting into and out of the bath easier. It features non-slip feet and the height can be adjusted from 205 mm to 260 mm by simply using the lockout system on the step legs.

    £38.90 Select
  3. Assure Safety Transfer Board

    Assure Safety Transfer Board

    The Assure Safety Transfer Board is a plastic translucent board that allows the user to clearly see transfer surface edges. It is ideal for transfers between a wheelchair and a bed, chair and car or other location and benefits those who have limited balance and strength. The upper surface is smooth which allows for easy transfer and there is a high friction lower surface that offers security and safety. The board is flexible and can be bent against the wheel of the chair which enables the user to slide over a protruding wheel or brake lever. Accomodates surface heights up to 100 mm (4").  

    Available in two lengths - 580 mm (23") and 760 mm (30")

    £208.50 Select £173.75 ex VAT
  4. Bath Safety Grab Bar

    Bath Safety Grab Bar

    The Bath Safety Grab Bar provides assistance when transferring into and out of the bath. The plastic bar features a hand-hold for added security and comfort.

    It adjusts to bath side widths of 32 to 7". Fitting is simple and tool-free.

    £45.40 Select £37.83 ex VAT
  5. Bed Socks

    Bed Socks

    These bed socks protect your feet from the cold but do not apply pressure or restrict circulation. They can be worn in bed or just for lounging.

    Supplied in pairs.

    £17.50 Select
  6. Cane Strap

    Cane Strap

    The Cane strap allows the user free use of both hands by looping around the wrist. It is easy to fit and is suitable for both wooden and plastic handled walking canes.

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  7. Cane/Crutch Holder

    Cane/Crutch Holder

    The Cane/Crutch holder is a simple and convenient clip-on device that enables a Cane or Crutch to be safely balanced on a table top. The sprung clip which is integral to this walking stick holder allows easy fitting to the stick or cane. Rubber pads then allow the stick or cane to be 'parked' against any flat surface such as a table, a kitchen work-top or a wash basin.

    Falling Canes & Crutches often cause accidents and falls which can be prevented by using this unique holder.

    £5.60 Select
  8. Car Caddie

    Car Caddie

    The Car Caddie is a simple yet effective device that provides support and assistance when getting in and out of a vehicle. It features a comfortable rubber cushioned grip and the handle height can easily be adjusted. It simply fits over your door frame and the design of the buckle makes it easy to open and close.

    £19.20 Select £16.00 ex VAT
  9. Chrome Plated Steel Framed Stepstool

    Chrome Plated Steel Framed Stepstool

    This Stepstool provides a sturdy platform . It features a rubber mat surface and chrome plated steel frame. It is extremely sturdy and is also available with a handrail which offers additional support.

    It has a maximum user weight of 120 kg or 19 stone.

    £38.40 Select
  10. Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin

    Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin

    The Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin is an excellent no-splash solution for washing your hair in bed. It features a double-tube design that prevents water from splashing.

    It fits snuggly around your head and allows for easy shampooing.

    It includes a 1190 mm (47") drain hose and is made from durable vinyl.

    £20.00 Select
  11. Disposable Bed Pads (pack of 35)

    Disposable Bed Pads (pack of 35)

    These Disposable Bed Pads are placed under the person as a precaution to absorb any accidental leakages and so protect the bed linen by keeping it dry. They are comfortable and consist of soft, high absorbency fluff pulp which is sandwiched between tissue and a plastic back.

    35 pads per pack. 

    £15.30 Select £12.75 ex VAT
  12. Easyleaver Bed Grab Rail

    Easyleaver Bed Grab Rail

    The Easyleaver Bed Grab Rail provides support when getting into and out of bed. It is designed for use on divan style beds and is suitable for use on single, double or kingsize. This all-metal grab rail is simple to assemble and dismantle without the need for any tools. It can be flattened for ease of storage and is a handy device to take with you on your holidays.

    £119.40 Select £99.50 ex VAT