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  1. Antislip Mat

    Antislip Mat

    The AntiSlip Mat is a high friction surface that comes in handy when you need a good grip for moving higher up in bed or transferring from a wheelchair. It can also be used as a restraining surface under products such as the OneWaySlide seat slider.

    The surface is easy to clean with a soap or alcohol solution. 

    £25.00 Select £20.83 ex VAT
  2. Aquila Bath Lift

    Aquila Bath Lift

    With a backrest that reclines at the touch of a button, the Aquila Bath Lift is particularly suited to users whose specific conditions may benefit from opening the seat-to-back angle. Weighing under 10kg, the robust and compact Aquila offers an array of accessories making it flexible for use by children and in a variety of bath styles.

    £380.00 Select £316.67 ex VAT
  3. Autoslide Car Access System

    Autoslide Car Access System

    A car is an excellent way to get about - if you can get in. The RoMedic AutoSlide car access system can help. Getting into cars can be difficult and awkward, but once in, they are the key to freedom for many people. RoMedic have developed a device that makes it easier to get into cars and into a comfortable position.

    The AutoSlide allows its users to turn and move sideways without great difficulty. If a little more force is needed, there are handles in the sides of the seat cushion - to provide helping hands. The seat cushions are firmly attached to the backs of car seats, so users cannot slide forward. The device is very simple to fit and use - then it's just a matter of starting the engine and driving off.

    £105.00 Select £87.50 ex VAT
  4. Battery Stick (A230) for Mountway Bath Lifts

    Battery Stick (A230) for Mountway Bath Lifts

    Specifically designed battery stick (A230) for use with the Mountway range of bath lifts - including the Neptune, Aquila and Splash models. The slimline and easy to hold battery stick comes complete with two suckers to ensure a firm hold on tiles or the side of a bath.


    ***********OUT OF STOCK UNTIL END OF JAN 2019************

    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT
  5. Buttoner - Large

    Buttoner - Large

    The larger buttoner helps those with impaired mobility in their arms or hands to manage buttons independently. It features a long handle and combination loop for larger button holes such as skirts, jackets and trousers.  

    £20.00 Select £16.67 ex VAT
  6. Buttoner - Small

    Buttoner - Small

    The small buttoner helps those with impaired mobility in their arms or hands to manage buttons independently. It features a spherical grip and is suitable for small buttonholes such as a blouse or shirt.

    £25.00 Select £20.83 ex VAT
  7. Clean Shower Commode Chair

    Clean Shower Commode Chair

    ‘Clean’ is the latest generation of combined shower chair, commode and glide-about chair - the ultimate all-in-one solution. It is comfortable and easy to use, and every detail has been deigned to make things easier for the user or the carer.

    The ‘Clean’ has no welds or seams in the steel tube so the risk of corrosion is very small, and the wheels are fitted in a sturdy plastic housing which is secured with non-rusting screws.

    The seat has a recess at the front and is fully open at the rear to make intimate hygiene easier for both the carer and user. Armrests can be removed to make getting on and off easier, and the footrest slides neatly out of the way underneath the chair when it is not needed.

    The 'Clean' is available in 3 seat heights and 2 colours - Green and Grey.

    £485.00 Select £404.17 ex VAT
  8. Cushioned Cover Set for Neptune Bath Lift

    Cushioned Cover Set for Neptune Bath Lift

    The Neptune Cushioned Cover Set adds additional comfort to the bath lift. Easily removed and machine washable. 

    £150.00 Select £125.00 ex VAT
  9. Cushioned Cover Set for the Aquila Bath Lift

    Cushioned Cover Set for the Aquila Bath Lift

    The Aquila Cushioned Cover Set adds extra comfort for bathing whilst still allowing easy transfer on and off the bath lift. The padded cushions are removeable and possess exceptional heat retaining properties in warm water, helping to ease aching or painful joints.

    Suitable for hand washing at temperatures up to 60 degress C, they can also be easily wiped clean and incorporate effective antimicrobial protection against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and funghi. 

    £109.00 Select £90.83 ex VAT
  10. Etac Bathing Accessory Kit

    Etac Bathing Accessory Kit

    The Beauty bathing accessory kit contains three products: 300mm comb, 380mm body washer, multi purpose grip. Part of a prize-winning range of body care products, ergonomically designed to provide maximum power with minimal effort or strain on hands, arms and shoulders.

    The Beauty comb is curved to follow the shape of the head and can be held close to the body without losing power or reach.

    The Beauty body washer is designed to easily clean the body without straining.  Its replaceable wash cloths wash effectively without absorbing water.

    The Beauty multi purpose grip makes using a nail file easy for those with weak or stiff fingers.  Its wider end can be used for a toothbrush or shaver.

    £37.50 Select £31.25 ex VAT
  11. Etac Cloo Raised Toilet Seat

    Etac Cloo Raised Toilet Seat

    The Cloo Raised Toilet Seat incorporates function and flexibility in one product. This toilet seat which includes a lid is easy to install and clean. It has soft, smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces and the mounting bracket fits directly to porcelain using quick release nuts. The seat then simply clicks onto the attachment.

    The Cloo raised toilet seat is fully adjustable;  height can be adjusted using height adjusters, the seat remains in upright position when lifted and the seat can be fitted at a forward angle for user to easily stand after use.

    £155.00 Select £129.17 ex VAT
  12. Etac Edge Corner Shower Stool

    Etac Edge Corner Shower Stool

    The Etac Edge Corner Shower Stool has a triangular shape that fits neatly into the corner of most showers. It is height adjustable and can you can even set the seat with a slight forward tilt to facilitate easier standing. the legs can be removed for storage and portability.

    £89.00 Select £74.17 ex VAT