Medical Insoles & Heel Pads

Medical Heel Pads & Medical Insoles

Medical insoles are designed to give maximum comfort while also offering impact protection and shock absorption. They can help alleviate tendonitis, joint and knee pain and fatigue fractures.

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    Pure Wool Heel Protectors

    Pure Wool Heel Protectors are specifically designed for comfort and support those with injured, damaged and fragile heels. Ideal for use to prevent pressure problems.

    £11.25 ex VAT
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    Slippy Lambswool Heel Protectors

    The Slippy Heel Protectors are ideal for those at risk of pressure sores. They offer protection whilst enabling the patient to move their feet freely in bed. They come as a Pair

    £16.58 ex VAT
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    Sheepskin Heel Protectors

    The Real Sheepskin Pressure Relief Heel Protectors (Pair) provide ultimate protection and comfort for those at risk of developing pressure sores.

    £23.33 ex VAT
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    Fleece Open Slippers

    The Fleece Open Slippers Are comfortable slippers made from wool pile, to give comfort and protection to the whole foot. Supplied in pairs. 3 sizes to suit all foot sizes.

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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    Heel Pad

    The Harvest Heel Pad prevents any damage to the skin and protects any injuries that have already occurred. The heel pad additionally provides the highest level of comfort for the user. Fe...

    £57.50 ex VAT
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    Softform Heelpad

    The Invacare Heelpad evenly distributes weight from the users heel to reduce pressure. The pads are filled with gel that acts as a cushion between the bed and the user to increase the lev...

    £90.83 ex VAT
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    Maxxcare Heelboot

    The Maxxcare Pro Heel boot is perfect for those who are at ‘high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. The unique design features four air tubes that form a cushion around the heel, capabl...

    £74.17 ex VAT
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    Dyna-Tek Heel pad

    The Dyna-tek Heel pad will help reduce the risk of pressure sores developing on the heel area on those users who are at medium to high risk.

    £12.50 ex VAT
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    Heel pads provide shock absorption at the heel where most impact occurs. They can be used to treat Achilles tendonitis and other foot conditions, and can also help prevent shin splints.

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